Decrypt ESD Image To ISO

Decrypt ESD Image To ISO


For avid windows users, updating is a mess. So, we present you the best method to decrypt ESD image so that you can install updated version of Windows anytime you want and save your time and data.

Everybody likes to upgrade their system whenever Microsoft releases a new version of windows. But, many people face issues in keeping the new upgrade similar to the old one.

I’m talking about the previously installed programs and settings, whether it’s as big as sound settings or as minor as a registry setting.

Nobody wants to spend a week just to set up your new Windows just like the previous one. So, if you have the same issue and don’t want to waste your time, read this article to know more.

Microsoft released a way to upgrade the version and setting up the new version like the previous one.

This is what we will discuss here.

Decrypt ESD Image

decrypt esd

Whenever you want to upgrade your Windows, Microsoft provides you with the installation files in an encrypted format, generally, ESD or Electronic Software Delivery.

This file is around 3-4 GB in size and provides you with all the settings and files to help you upgrade your Windows in the best possible way.

The image is downloaded to the folder named $WINDOWS.~BT. For your information, this folder is hidden in almost every system.

The benefit of the *.ESD file is that it’s encrypted. And also, it’s compressed so that the size is close to 3 GB as mentioned earlier. Basically, it is a compressed version of the Install.wim image.

This ESD image also helps us to install any newly released Microsoft Insider Preview.

But, what if I say that you can convert this *.ESD format to an image format. Yes, I’ll tell you how to decrypt ESD image. Then, you will be able to install and upgrade your Windows anytime you want.


Tool & Methods To Decrypt ESD to ISO


  1. Firstly, download a decrypter utility to decrypt the encrypted image. Here’s the link to the tool which is used to decrypt ESD image. decompress the following file to a folder you prefer to use. (Use 7Zip for better extraction)
  2. Now, open your Windows settings. Use Windows Key + I as an alternative.
  3. Click on Update And Security.
  4. In the Updates window, select Check For Updates. Then, Windows will automatically start downloading all the necessary Updates.
  5. When the downloaded files are ready, you will be asked to Restart your system.
  6. Instead of that, open File Manager (commonly known as This Pc or My Computer).
  7. Click on Windows Installation drive, usually C/.
  8. Now, you have to allow hidden files to be accessed. TO do this, select View tab and then check Hidden Items.
  9. Search for $WINDOWS.~BT and then open it. Now open Sources folder and then copy the install.ESD file.
  10. Paste the ESD file into the folder in which you extracted the Utility (The tool which you will use to decrypt ESD image).
  11. Right-Click on decrypt-ESD.cmd and select Run As Administrator.
  12. Select Continue Including All Editions by entering 1 in the panel.
  13. Then, select 2, Create ISO with the Compressed install.esd.
  14. Press 1 for the script to continue. And, the work is done.
  15. The script will automatically decrypt ESD image and extract the ISO file to the designated folder.

Now, you can install your Windows as you wish. You can install by clicking install.exe or by booting into a USB drive.


That was how you decrypt ESD image. Feel free to comment regarding any problems you face while following the steps. You can also submit your content and get featured.

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