Best Anime Streaming sites to watch animes online

Best Anime Streaming sites to watch animes online


Anime is one of the most searched topics on Google with up to 10 million monthly searches and more than 78,468,811 posts on Instagram, it clearly shows that anime fans are increasing daily and for these new fans who want to watch animes online, we have gathered a list of some best anime streaming sites for you.

Most of the anime fans including me have tried searching for our favorite animes on YouTube, but finding animes online on YouTube is totally useless because YouTube will surely take that video down due to copyright infringement and you will lose your playlist anyway.

So I looked up for some best anime streaming sites and I found some really good ones. You might know some of them if you have been watching anime for a long time but if you’re a new anime fan, buckle up and scroll down to for the best anime streaming sites.

List of Best Anime streaming sites:-

1. Chia-Anime.

Probably this is the best place to stream anime and deserves to be on the first spot of the best animes streaming sites list.

I could find any anime series in the search bar it’s quick and easy to search, pop ads are fewer. Other than animes you can also read manga comics, watch anime movies, listen to Anime soundtracks. The episodes are titled appropriately and arranged in a playlist for better user experience.

Most of the animes are English subbed so you don’t have to learn Japanese to understand anime. You have an option to clear ads on the main screen and you can easily switch to watch mode in one click.

There are two players available to stream anime online, so if you are facing issues with the current player you can switch to the next one.

Chia-Anime also has a Quick Chat option so you can interact with the community who are watching animes online.


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2. GOGOAnimes

GOGOAnimes with almost every anime series in its database has got 7 servers to choose from holds the 2nd position in our list.

The servers are fast enough and you can easily download the episode if you stay on the default server that is VIDSTREAMING.

It lacks some of the features as compared to Chia-Anime has, but as long as you can watch free subbed anime without any hassle it won’t bother you much. You can also watch Anime movies and join the discussion in the comment section with the community.


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3. AnimeBam

Animebam managed to be on the 3rd place because of its simple yet pleasant interface. You can find almost every anime series here no doubt as they got a huge database.
If you are confused thinking about what to watch first then just click on the random option and AnimeBam brings you a random anime to watch. So you don’t have to browse the whole library, Great feature, isn’t it?
There is also a section of popular animes, Dubbed series are marked with green label besides their titles and you can also find free subbed anime.
So far I find it good for watching anime but it lacks lots of necessary features.
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There’s no doubt that kissanime has been one of the best anime streaming websites. The servers are fast enough to respond. You can also find the dubbed and subbed version of your favorite anime here.

If you want to make a watch later list just search for the anime and bookmark it to do this you need to register yourself which is completely free. After registering yourself you can also chat and discuss the series in the comment section.

Here’s how you can watch anime on your smartphone with Kissanime mobile app.

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5. Anime-Planet

Anime-planet is the light themed website to stream animes online. You can find your free subbed animes from the search bar that also lets you search for manga, your favorite anime characters, and online users.

You can create an account and create your playlist of favorite animes.

The only negative point about Anime-planet is that you will have to watch an ad of at least 20 seconds at the beginning episodes. Though it’s still not a problem if you can watch your favorite anime series online for free.

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6. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a legit animes streaming site. This site claims to have a huge database of anime and manga. If spending 7 dollars a month isn’t a big deal for you then Crunchyroll is the best for you. You can watch your favorite animes ad-free and in High-Definition. You can opt for a14 days free trial of Crunchyroll premium and cancel the subscription anytime.

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If you are looking for HD quality and a wide range of series and anime movies, you can try Hulu.

Though it’s not free to access you’ll have to pay as low as $7.99/m to access Hulu. Other than Anime series it also has Hulu’s originals, movies, and sitcoms. It is also available on the mobile platform just like Netflix.

Sadly it is not accessible in many countries but you can try connecting with USA, UK VPN. If you live in UK, USA, Europe, and some parts of Asia you won’t face any difficulty in accessing Hulu.


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8. Anime Movil

If you are a Spanish-speaking person this site is the best for you. Animes are subbed in Spanish for your convenience.

They have a wide collection of Spanish dubbed animes and the servers are quite fast enough also you can choose from a list of given servers if one of them fails to load. Anime movil also allows you to download the animes so that you can watch them later.

You can create an account and discuss the anime series you are watching with the other viewers as well.

There’s also an android application for Anime Movil but it’s not available on play store so Download it from the official website of Anime Movil or just click here.

Anime Movil


9. AnimeFreak.Tv

AnimeFreak is a great website to watch subbed and dubbed anime series, manga, and movies. The layout of the website is attractive and you can switch to the Grid view/List view and latest option.

Creating an account is your choice but if you do, you can easily connect with other viewers. AnimeFreak also launched its Android application some time ago.

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Another anime streaming sites with a clean User interface and attractive design. You can filter anime for kids and duration wise.

Black theme looks amazing and the server speed is awesome so you don’t face any issue while streaming your favorite anime.


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Overall It must be said

That the list of anime sites is not limited to only those which we have mentioned above. There are hundreds of best anime streaming sites available to watch animes free subbed anime online that couldn’t make up to this list due to a problem in their servers while streaming. We have checked all the anime sites listed above and before including them in the list so that you get the list of the sites that actually work without hassles. If you have any suggestions for anime streaming sites, feel free to Contact us.

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