Blogging And SEO

Blogging And SEO

Wanna know how Blogging and SEO are related?

Think of tea without sugar. Pale, isn’t it? SEO plays the same role whether it is blogging or marketing.

SEO helps a website to rank higher in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

So, here in this article, we will share some useful tips related to Blogging and SEO. And will also tell some WordPress SEO plugin for WordPress users.

So, keep reading.

Blogging And SEO

Everybody knows the benefit of ranking in the first page of SERP. Yes, increase in domain authority, increase in daily visitors, etc.

But, what if I tell you that you can rank all your blog posts just by learning some key factors about Blogging and SEO.

1. Research For Keywords

blogging and seo

The number 1 tactic is to do a thorough keyword research for your article.

You can do this by using some online tools such as AHrefs (paid), Kwfinder (5 free searches per day), Google keyword planner (Free).

Just type in some keyword and get the results.

Personally, I recommend you to choose the keywords which have high CPC (Cost Per Click) and low Competition.

Don’t forget to choose some long-tail keywords. Long tail keywords are those keywords which are a bit longer than the average ones.

So, I found keywords as you said. What should I do now? 

Use it in your content, duh.


But hey, do you know where to use them? I’ll tell you.

2. Use The Keywords

wordpress seo plugin

According to me, these are the best places where you should use your keywords.

I’ll make a list.

  1. Title Tag – This is the first and foremost place you should use your keywords. This is the introduction and identification of your article.
  2. Meta Tags – Some sources say that meta tags have no role in SEO. But, according to me, you should use some keywords in your meta tags too. Meta tags are the lines that you see under the search result of your website. A visitor will see this first in the SERP. And remember, First Impression is the Last Impression.
  3.  Headings –  Don’t forget to use some keywords in your headings and sub-headings. Headings are far more prior to the normal text content.  Headings > Sub-headings > Normal Content
  4. First And Last Paragraph –  Search engines look out for keywords in your Introducing and Concluding paragraphs. So, be sure to fill some of them in there too.
  5. In Anchor Links –  Anchor links look like these – The Versatiles . So, do use some of your keywords in anchor links and tags too.
  6. Alt Tags – If you use images or media in your article, put some keywords in the Alt Text field of the images. It surely helps in improving your search rank.

3. Use Interlinking

yoast seo wordpress seo plugin

Don’t forget to link to your site pages in between your posts. This will not only help your website indexing, but will also help to create a good website network for search engines.

4. Let Users Subscribe And Comment

blogging and seo

Make a comment section in your website and give your users a way to subscribe using E-mail or any other social media.

Also, add some sharing buttons so that users can share the posts they like. This will increase your audience a bit.

WordPress SEO Plugin

Now, time for the secret WordPress SEO Plugin. Well, it’s not that much of a secret, the whole world uses it.

Yes, the plugin I am talking about is Yoast SEO plugin. It’s basically free but it also contains a premium version with extra wordpress SEO plugin features.

Yoast SEO plugin has a very good user interface. You can edit everything mentioned above easily in Yoast SEO plugin.


If you want to know How to write a blog post and How to make a blog post viral, you can follow the links.


So, these were the simple Blogging and SEO tips that you can follow to rank higher in SERP and get daily visitors. If you want to know what is your rank on Google and Bing, read this article for a simple tool.

Feel free to comment regarding any Blogging and SEO problem and you can also submit your content here to get featured.





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