Get Paid To Blog [The Ultimate Guide] [2019]

Get Paid To Blog [The Ultimate Guide] [2019]

Blogging can be a bit hard sometimes, isn’t it? But, if you have already started, why turn back. We know that the domain and hosting fee goes quite above your budget if you are a beginner. But, what if I tell you that you can get paid to blog.

Yeah, you saw that right. You can earn money from your blog.

You can easily make $$ using these given steps. Because these steps don’t depend upon your website age or anything like that.


They depend on one thing.

Your website’s traffic.

So, if you have enough traffic and a trustable audience on your blog, you can pick up any of the following steps and get paid to blog.


Get Paid To Blog

First things first, I want to tell you that it may take you some amount of time to earn your first $$.

As I always say, Patience is the key.

If you are a blogger, you must know what I am trying to say. Because you can’t start earning in just one night.

Note: If you want to enter into blogging, you can see how to start a blog using paid hosting and domain. If you are short on money, you can also create a free blog on Blogger or WordPress.

So, keeping other things apart, let’s focus on How to get paid to blog.

There are a couple of ways that you can try to squeeze some money out of your new website.

I’ll list them all. They are the best-proven ways to earn some $$.


1. Affiliate Networks

Affiliate marketing is totally the best way to earn some money without actually doing anything.

Yeah, and I mean it.

Now, What is Affiliate Marketing?

Simply put, a person buys any product from your link and you get a commission out of it. That’s what affiliate networks are for.

It’s not that complicated. Just sign up for an affiliate marketing website and generate links for products that you want to place on your blog. Then, if anyone makes a sale using that link, You’re Gold.

How To Sign Up For An Affiliate Network

There are a plenty of sites around the internet that can recruit you as a affiliate. So, for the example, why don’t we choose Amazon. Perfect.

  1. Number 1. Head on to the Amazon Affiliates webpage.
  2. Search a little bit and find an option title “Join Now For Free”. Click on it.
  3. Now, Amazon will ask you to sign in to your existing Amazon account. What? Don’t have an Amazon account? No worries. Head over to Amazon and Sign up for an account.
  4. Click on Login.
  5. Now, there’s an option to add an address. Proceed and add a correct address.Choose The Payee Listed Above  as the main contact for the account.
  6. Fill the next option. Are you a U.S. person or not?
  7. To add banners and ads for amazon affiliate, you must specify your website or app’s link.


2. Publishing Ebooks

If you are not comfortable with the promotion of other products, you can always promote your own.

But, what will you sell?

Ebooks are the best and easiest to start with.

If you have precise knowledge about any topic, you can surely write 5000 words about it.

Just 5000 words?

Yes, just 5000 words.

Remember, Ebook is not a novel. It’s just like a Black Hole. Small, but packed with information.

Once you get to know what is your audience’s taste, you can create an ebook regarding that topic and put it on sale.

If you are new, you must limit your price to 50$. But, once you get enough sales, you are free to raise the price.

That was the method to get paid to blog by selling ebooks.

Read more about Selling Ebooks.


3. Develop A Course

Don’t want to write 5000 words? We’ve got another idea.

You can create your own course on various sites. They can be free, but as you want to earn some money, you must put a price tag on it.

This is also like selling your content, but instead of writing, you have to create detailed videos and presentations about any topic.

Make sure that they are informative and educational.

Read more about Creating a Course.


4. Writing As A Freelancer

If you are deeply into writing but also don’t want to write an ebook, you can try this method to get some money.

Working as a Freelance writer will provide you with money. But, you have to create a reputation among the writers first.

There are many websites that offer freelance jobs, you can sign up to one or two.

But, you won’t get regular work unless you get positive reviews.

And remember, A blogger can be a freelancer but a freelancer can never be a blogger.  By the way, that’s not mine, I read that on some random website on the internet.

Read more about Freelancing.


5. Putting Some Ads

This is probably the most famous way to get paid to blog.

Almost, all of the bloggers use this as their secondary income source. And, you should do too.

The working of Ad networks is simple. You put some ads on your website. Whenever a visitor clicks on an ad. You are paid for it.

You can sign up to any Ad networks that you want. But, everyone has their own conditions and paying terms.

Read more about Ad Networks.


6. Digital Training

Don’t confuse Digital training with Online Courses. They are different.

If you are an expert on some topic, why not help and consult others regarding that.

That’s the fact. Digital training means to coach and train others over the internet. If you have got a huge audience and vast knowledge, you can give it a go.

There are just two steps to start Digital Training. First, find your audience and their taste. And second, Promote yourself. You can do it either by making videos or just by showing some ads.


So, these were the best methods to get paid to blog at home. The methods don’t basically require any hard work, because, gaining an audience for these works is itself a hard work.

Feel free to comment regarding any other method to get paid to blog and you can submit your content and get featured.





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