How To Write A Blog Post

How To Write A Blog Post

Most of you have a blog, and you are probably new to blogging.

That’s the reason you have stumbled across this page.

Newbies have a similar question in their mind, and that is “How to write a blog post“.

Yes, you are at right place. Because here in this article, I’m going to tell you How to write a blog post.

So, continue reading!

How To Write A Good Blog Post

There are few methods and rules for writing a blog post to attracts viewers. And what are the reasons that will give you the answer of How to write a blog post?

So, Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. You And I

how to write a blog entry

You & I.

Always make a heart-to-heart connection with your readers. This will not only make them feel good, but will also help you to increase impressions among their hearts.

Address yourself as I/We and the readers as YOU.

This makes a personal connection and makes them read your content for quite a long time.

2. Let Me Tell You A Story…

Keep telling stories of yourself related to your past or just make them up.

Writing and telling stories is the key answer to How to write a blog entry so that users get engaged.

This will not only entertain your users, but will also deepen your relation with them.

3. Here’s A Question


How to write a blog entry? Ask Questions.

Asking questions let’s users think and digitally interact with you.

For Example:

Do you have a blog?

Want to know How to write a good article? OR Want to know How to write a blog entry?

See, these type of text let’s you talk to yourself and looks just like a online chat.

4. That’s Basic Grammar! Duh!

how to write a good blog post

That’s what your user think when they notice an error in your blog post.

Prevent such errors by Proofreading your posts.

Before publishing, just have a look at your blog and see where you committed error and try to remove it.

5. Optimize With Keywords

how to write a good blog post

Probably all of you have heard about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is a technique to rank up higher in a search results page for a given keyword or search.

You can do this by putting keywords in between your content.

We have a detailed discussion about Keywords and SEO here.

6. A Picture Says A 1000 Words

how to write a good blog post

That’s very true.

Ever noticed a child’s picturebook? You probably would’ve.

Notice that there are more pictures and less text in it.


To increase their attention span and entertain them.

Yes, you have to do the same. Insert some images or GIFs in your blog post to make it more appealing and good.

Use images that are related to the content because no one wants to see Abraham Lincoln when they read about Barrack Obama.

7. Use Sayings To Throw Irony

how to write a blog post

Use some sayings or quotes in between your articles, that reflect some irony in your facts.

For Example, I used a saying earlier this day, and that is “Apples Won’t sell unless you shout out the rate”.

8. Divide and Rule

how to write a blog post

Yeah, that sounds like a Britisher’s statement. No offence though.

Divide the content and Rule the hearts. That’s what it means.

According to a survey, people indulge more in short portions as compared to large pieces of text.

PROOF? You came so far reading it. XD

9. Length Matters

How to write a blog post? Answer is Don’t keep your content too long or too short.

Keep it between 300 to 1000 words because no one likes to read 2 lines and neither a content like a novel.  

To check your search ranking in the SERP, read How to use SERPmojo tool.

Feel free to comment regarding any problems and you can submit your article here and get featured.

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