Present Yourself In A Presentation | Introduce yourself in English

Present Yourself In A Presentation | Introduce yourself in English

Do you have a very important business meeting? Are you representing your company in front of an international audience? Then, you must be wondering how to present yourself? Relax, we have got some great tips on How to present yourself in a presentation.

So, here are the best methods to present yourself in front of the audience so that you can rock that floor with confidence and strength.


Present Yourself

Present yourself

So, What’s the first step that should be followed before a conversation?

Well, that is, Making a connection with the audience while you present yourself.

There’s a way of connecting with people. That varies from person to person but if you are chosen to represent the company, believe me, you have that quality.

Do it in the right way and you’ll shine, Do it the wrong way, you’ll look irritating.

But, connecting with the audience isn’t the only thing to taken care of. You must maintain an equal connection with the topic you’re speaking about.

Keep  this in mind,

People say, being a Know-it-all is bad, but in my opinion, being a Know-it-all is perfect.

It just reflects your intelligence to the audience, and if you seem confident to them, surely, you’ll present yourself to the fullest.

Let the audience know that you are familiar with everything regarding the topic. This will only increase your reputation when you introduce yourself in English.

So, maintain a balanced relation between Your Topic, Your Audience, and Your body language.

And that’s what is called the Rule Of 3 Y’s. You won’t find this anywhere on the internet because I just invented this :p.


Introducing Yourself In English

Introduce yourself in English

Keeping Confidence and connection apart, there’s one thing that is equally important, and that is Introduce yourself in English.

But, many non-English speakers may find trouble in their fluency, still you can always try practicing in front of the mirror and speaking at a low tempo is a nice way to avoid mistakes and maintain fluency. So, Don’t rush!

You can also use local language if the audience is not international, using a language which half of the audience can not understand is a negative point in your presentation, most of them can interrupt you and ask you to use a language which they understand, this can make you nervous at that moment.

Note: I would suggest you must find out the type of audience that is going to attend the seminar/presentation before the commencement of the event.

You can also mug up some phrases and quotes suitable for your presentation

You can also follow the general phrases given below to attract the audience while you introduce yourself in English.

Studies have shown that humans feel more close to a person who keeps them happy.

And what can be done to keep a person happy?

Make them smile, obviously.

Don’t forget to add a light joke or a bit of sarcasm after you present yourself.

Note: Don’t mock them. I mean, add a sarcastic line that mocks you or the situation, not a person or entity.


Follow the given format.

My name is _______, I am _______(Job title): Sarcasm / Mild Joke_______________

For Example:-

My name is Andrew Mathews, I am a cyber-security engineer: Punchline: I am the typical engineer people make fun of; I am not typically the first one to get an opportunity to present in front of a group.



By now you must have got a hint on how to present yourself in a presentation and whether to introduce yourself in English or the native language.

And one last tip,

Don’t be nervous while you present yourself, Think that they are only humans who were just like you before they came to this position.

Maintain a healthy environment with them. Keep them entertained with jokes and Media in your presentation. But, don’t exceed the limits.


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