How To Use SERPmojo Tool

How To Use SERPmojo Tool

If you are an experienced blogger, you have probably heard of this free rank tracker tool named SERPmojo. We’ll tell you How to use SERPmojo tool so that you can track your rank correctly.

Rankings are a part of a website developer’s life and for a blogger, search engine ranking is everything he needs to get the thing right. So, one needs a record to check if he’s ranking in the search results or not.

If you are a newcomer and don’t know what this is, allow me the opportunity to explain it.

SERPmojo is a free rank tracker tool that tracks your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rank for given keywords or searches. That is, this tool will give you the results of your rank in form of numbers, which denote on which place you rank in the SERP.

It is the best rank tracker tool in my opinion and the most important thing – It is FREE.

Not completely free though. We can address the tool as a Freemium which is Free + Premium. But, the free version will provide all the things you need.

I’m not telling that the premium version is a waste, but if you are a bit loose on money, the free version works fantastic as well.


How To Download This Free Rank Tracker

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Luckily, this free rank tracker is available on the Play Store. If you want to download this best rank tracker tool, just head over to play store and search for SERPmojo. The app will pop up right away.

Or, to minimize your efforts, just click this link to download the Free rank tracker tool.


How To Use SERPmojo Tool : The Best Rank Tracker Tool

How to use SERPMojo tool? That question will pop up in your mind as soon as you open the app and you will feel confused.

But for you to understand it better and easier, we have a short guide. So, continue reading and learn how to use serpmojo tool.

  1. After downloading the tool. Open it.
  2. When you open it, you will have to enter your website’s URL. Let’s say
  3. Then, it will ask you to add some keywords. Now, add the keywords you want to search your rankings for. You can add 1 keyword per line. Don’t hesitate to add as many keywords as you like.
  4. After that, SERPmojo will automatically start to search your ranking in Google and display the results. A few months ago, it used to show Bing rankings. I don’t know why they removed Bing Search from the tool.

Note:  Three dots (…) indicates that this free rank tracker tool is searching for your keyword and a hyphen (-) shows that you are currently not ranked for that particular keyword.

See, how easy it was to use it. You don’t even need a tutorial for this. But, eventually, our work was to help, and I hope I managed to help you out with the free rank tracker tool i.e, SERPmojo.

So, write great content and rock the Search Results Page. We have a post on How to write viral content, How to write a blog post and Tips for Blogging and SEO.


Feel free to ask anything about How to use SERPmojo tool and you can submit your content here and get featured.

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