5 Best Sites To Watch Cartoon Online FREE [2019]



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While the world is being taken over by smartphones and laptops, television is quite obsoleted technology now. Almost everything can be found on the internet whether it is the recipe of your favorite dish, booking flight tickets or to watch cartoon online free. But, the main query is “Where to watch cartoon online free?”

To be honest you all might get curious waiting for your favorite show’s repeat telecast to be aired again or maybe watching a cartoon show that has been discontinued. Television isn’t reliable in this case, most of the old cartoon shows like the Jetsons, The Flintstones, Swat Kats have been discontinued, i.e, they are no more aired on the television. So you must be thinking about where to watch cartoons online free?

Where To Watch Cartoon Online Free?

So, this is actually the reason you landed up on here, I assure you that you won’t leave being disappointed as there are some websites available where you can watch cartoon online free. Yes, you read it right you can watch cartoon online free on the sites we have listed here. So, buckle up and explore the list of sites that let you watch cartoon online free and relive your childhood memories.

Best Sites To Watch Cartoon Online Free

1. watch cartoon online

This site has a huge database for cartoons of every decade. From Transformers’ episodes to Powerpuff girls, The Jetsons to the Flinstones, this site will let you watch cartoon online for free. The servers are always up and the bandwidth is pretty amazing.

The cartoons are sorted in their respective genres so if you can choose the particular genre like horror, comedy, etc and a list of cartoons that fall into that genre will appear. And if you don’t remember the genre which is impossible you can use the year feature and select the particular year of your choice. This website is the perfect answer for “Where to watch cartoon online free?”.

  • Fast server
  • Good bandwidth
  • Huge database of old and new cartoons
  • HD quality     
  • Pornographic ads
  • Click ads

watch cartoons online


Click here to visit watchcartoonsonline

2. AnimeToon.org

Another website in the list that lets you stream thousands of cartoons for free. Found almost every old cartoon like Tom and Jerry and Johnny Bravo etc.

Not only cartoons but you can also watch Korean drama, read the manga and watch animes online.

  • High bandwidth speed
  • Dubbed Anime
  • 24X7 uptime
  • Huge database for all new and old cartoons
  • HD quality available for selected cartoon series
  • Pornographic Ads
  • You’ll have to watch an ad before the episode starts

watch cartoons online


Click here to visit Anime toon

3. KimCartoon.to

Kimcartoon is another site that lets you stream and watch cartoon online free. One good thing about this site is that it has very few ads as compared to the other websites that let you watch cartoon online free. There are 6 servers to choose from so if one them goes down you can use a different server to stream cartoons. You can even create an account and bookmark the cartoon you’re currently watching.

  • 6 video players/servers to choose from
  • Change video quality according to your preference
  • You can request them to add a cartoon series
  • Huge database of old and new cartoons.
  • Pornographic ads

watch cartoons online


Click here to visit kimcartoon.to

4. Toonget.net

This site has a similar interface as that of Animetoon, it was previously known as Anime BB but now it’s rebranded and is known as Toonget. No doubt they have almost every cartoon you wanna watch. The ads are pretty well organized and are not clustered on the home screen. It has a collection of cartoon series, anime series and cartoon movies. This website is a perfect choice for the teens who have a doubt about where to watch cartoon online free.

  • Fast server
  • Good bandwidth
  • A wide variety of content to choose from
  • Pornographic ads
  • Sometimes the video doesn’t load

watch cartoons online


Click here to visit toonget

5. Youtube

Youtube has many channels that upload old and new cartoons. I found lots of old cartoons that I used to watch when I was a child. Here are some channels that have uploaded some full-length cartoons.

  • Hungama Channel– For Cartoons in Hindi.
  • 8thManDVD.com™ Cartoon Channel – This channel has some good playlists for Looney Toons, Popeye and other old cartoon shows.
  • WB kids– This is the official youtube channel of Warner Bros. They have uploaded all of the cartoon shows whose rights are retained by them. The cartoon shows are in Portuguese, French, and English.
  • You can download the cartoons using the download feature of Youtube
  • High-quality content
  • No pornographic ad.
  • Consumes more data as compared to the sites listed above
  • Limited no of cartoon shows
  • Sometimes full-length shows are hard to find.

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In Conclusion

For those who have been searching where to watch cartoon online free, we have made a list of the best sites that can fulfill your need. In this article, we have discussed the pros and cons of the site which are the perfect answers to know Where to watch cartoon online free. Read the article and choose the site you like the most on the basis of the review to watch cartoons online free.

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